University of Saint Mary in Leavenworth, KS

  1. I have applied to the BSN program and am waiting to hear from them? Does anyone know when this usually is?
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  3. by   guest10/30/16
    Also does anyone know anything helpful about the school? Has anyone attended here?
  4. by   jessi05
    They are trying to decide by the 15th this month! I know a few people who have attended or are now attending and they say its a good school with a great program. Im waiting to hear back too! Last year they accepted around 45 or so students. I have no clue how many they intend to accept this year or how many people have applied. I don't know the average GPA either. It would be nice to see what I'm going up against though.
  5. by   guest10/30/16
    Thank you! I agree. I am a little scared.
  6. by   jessi05
    Good luck to you! Im SO nervous. I hate waiting like this. Do you know a lot of people applying to the program? I know a couple of people who are. Seems like most people either got into to KU St Lukes KCKCC or waiting to hear back from JCCC.
  7. by   guest10/30/16
    Good luck to you as well! Hopefully we both get in! I have no idea of anyone applying. I have heard a lot about KU and Saint Luke's. I did not get into either one of them
  8. by   jessi05
    Don't worry about not getting into those schools. They are very competitive with GPA. Just because you have a great grade point average doesn't mean you will be a great nurse. They should test common sense! lol Half the girls have no clue what they get themselves into. SM works with the same hospitals for clinicals as they do! People just don't know much about it cause it is such a small private school and very expensive and what not. Which will only work to our advantage. Having such a small class could be helpful. But then again they don't accept many people. I believe no matter what school you go to as long as it is accredited you will make out of it what you can and learn the same things as every other school. I don't think its just a learning experience but also a growing experience. You can't learn to be passionate or caring. You determine how good of a nurse you are. Not your school. Just remember that and stay positive.
  9. by   guest10/30/16
    Well hopefully we will know within a week!
  10. by   guest10/30/16
    I just heard last night that a girl who attends Saint Mary got accepted into the program. We should know soon.
  11. by   jessi05
    I heard of four girls getting their letters. Earlier than expected. Nothing in the mail for me yet. I'm so nervous!!!!!
  12. by   guest10/30/16
    I know that makes me worried that I didn't get in..
  13. by   guest10/30/16
    Do you know when they received their letter? If it was just recently?
  14. by   jessi05
    Yesterday and today