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Penn Valley Evening/Weekend Nursing Program Feedback

  1. 0 i was pleased to find out that penn valley has an evening/weekend adn course. has anyone been accepted into this program and if so, how are you doing? if you did get accepted in the program did you complete all your gen ed courses prior to applying? any feedback would be helpful! thanks!
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    I applied to the program but was not accepted for Spring 2011. I am going to do the LPN program and bridge to RN. But, I do have all the prerequisites which include Psychology, Introduction to Cell Biology OR Introductory Chemistry for Health Sciences, and Anatomy and Physiology. I would HIGHLY recommend taking Microbiology before your application period starts, as that will give you another point. These courses must be finished before you can apply.
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    Hey I was wanting to know if you knew that minimal amount of points acceptable for the lpn to rn program?