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pay in ks for a new grad/young nurse

  1. 0 I am active duty army, so dont really get paid hourly wages. People ask me a lot about pay for nurses here in ks but dont really know what to tell them. Seems like they (nursing school) mentioned something like 20/hr for new grads at KU med center and Topeka or it could have been 25/hr, i really just dont remember. Would anyone be willing to share what a new grad or a young nurse (< 2 yrs experience) might get paid in ks. I realize that it can vary, but i would just like a ball park figure so i dont sound like a complete idiot about my own profession. thanks.
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    New grad with no experience, $20/hr sounds right.
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    Yep, $20 an hour give or take in the Kansas City area. The ones paying more are doing so for a reason (with exception to KUMED, which I believe is union).
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    Shift differential for nights and weekends.
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    I graduated in Dec. 07 and worked at a hosptial in Wichita and made $19.01 starting out plus shift diff.
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    I made 18/hr right out of nursing school plus night and weekend shift diff. That's in a rural hospital.
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    I know Wesley and Via Christi are starting out at 19.01 plus shift differential, night and weekend.