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Online verses on-campus programs?

  1. 0 I was sad to find out there was a clerical error that resulted in PrattCC thinking I didn't have my general education done, hence was not considered for January start. I was however selected to start the second year of coffeyville's RN program. The evening after I had attended my orientation for that school I receive an acceptance letter for Pratt's online LPN-RN.

    I was just excited to get into a program and had thought that Pratt would work better with my work schedule, but Coffeyville is only two days a week, plus we will be moving to the area anyway as my husband was accepted at Labette. Being that I am a fairly new nurse (got my LPN license in early 2009) I am apprehensive about the online thing even with local clinical. Also coffeyville is a brand new program (I would be part of the first graduating class), so they haven't had the opportunities to work out all of the kinks, but I officially committed to that school plus it is only two days a week and a little bit cheaper than Pratt. I have a friend in the online program now but she said she was passing with good grades but not sure she was fully understanding the concepts. I can't bring myself to refuse Pratt, is it normal to be nervous about turning down acceptance to a school? Anyone have any input?