Nursing program at Fort Hays state university!!

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    I am from California, and I am applying for nursing at Fort Hays state university. Basically, I had been looking into programs in Kansas since Nursing programs here in California are all impacted. Fort Hays appealed to me due to its class size. I would love to have a small class size with personal attention from the faculty. However, will it be possible to get some data regarding the job placement from Hays state university? Also, how are the clinicals and is it hard to find clinical placements? Would be great if people can share their experiences regarding the nursing program at FHSU! Thank you in advance!!
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  3. by   BluegrassRN
    Are you an RN to bsn? Or are you a student looking to start a nursing program?If the latter is the case, I think you'll find that after graduation placement depends more upon where you live than your university. Perhaps a better question is what is the nclex pass rate, which can be found on the state bon website. As to your question re: clinical placements, the program takes care of that, if you are a bsn student at the university. If you are an RN to bsn student, there are very few clinicals, and you find those yourself.