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  1. 0 Is there a better nurses forum for kansas state, were people really communicate?
    This forum really donot reply to a lot of people needing help.
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    Ive noticed that too.... there are a lot of view... but not too many replies. The more general forums get TONS of replies... but they're not specific to the state so thats no fun....

    wish I could help.
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    Sorry you aren't getting the help you feel you need. Your request is very specific, though. How many nurses are there who have even worked at both facilities, and therefore give you information? Can you honestly expect a plethora of replies?

    I personally read your question and didn't reply because I am not familiar with either facility, not because I didn't want to communicate with you or help you. I'm thinking that there just aren't that many nurses from your area who have experience with one or both facilities.

    Good luck.
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    I totally agree with you Faith Omo, THe Kansas forum doesn't get much replies even when it is just a general guestion

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