New RN Program In The Works

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    I just enrolled in FHTC's LPN program for this fall and was pleased to learn that they are in the final stages of approval for an ADN program! The LPN/RN programs will be set up similar to Neosho's "1+1" program, where you take LPN boards at the end of your first year and then go on to earn your RN in the second year. I like this kind of setup because it allows students to make a little more money during their second year of school. For a lot of broke nursing students like me, this will come in quite handy! If they get all of the board approvals and accreditations that they need, they will enroll their first class of RNs to start in Fall 2010. Woo hoo!

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    What is FHTC? Where is it?
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    It's Flint Hills Technical College in Emporia KS about 50 South of Topeka on I35
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