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new grads

  1. 0 Does anyone know what hospitals in Kansas hire new grads? I see a lot of job openings that require at least 2 years experience. Is this everywhere in Kansas?
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    Nah, they just WANT two years of experience. I work with many new grads. Apply anyway, even if it says experience required.
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    All 3 hospitals in Wichita hire new grads - everyone in my class got a job in a hospital - Newton hires new grads too.
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    I'm sure both Via-Christi and Wesley hire new grads. Just apply for a job...they will train you
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    Apply for the job anyway. If you the nurse recruiter said they don't have any position opening on a certain floor that you really want to get in? then talk to the nurse manager of that floor in person. Nevver trust those nurse recruiters.