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    I've been wanting to get my nursing degree for a while now. I'm 3 yrs post graduate school. I currently work as a LMSW (masters social worker) at local hospitals. I'm looking for scholarships/grants/loans that will help me pay for ADN degree. Granted, that's if I'm accepted into a program. I plan to apply for JCCC program in January. So far, most of the scholarships/grants/loans I searched stated you have to be of low income. Now, I come from a low-income single parent home, I'm African American and female. Some of them require these factors. However, the last two yrs, I've made more than $40,000. So I'm afraid I would be rejected for these monies and I'm 28 yrs old. The sad part is, if I get into the program, I will have to cut back on my work, which means a declined in money. I already have loans from undergrad and grad school. So, I'm afraid I won't get loans to help with my ADN. I need help. Is there anyone else out there that can relate to me? Or anyone out there that knows where I can get scholarships or even loans? Please help me out. Thanks
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