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KU bsn over asn/adn?

  1. 0 Does KU hire ADN/ASN nurses or only BSN now that they are magnet status? I see they have a nurse residency program...has anyone been a part of this? Can you give me your experience with it?

    also, is this a trend other hospitals are mimicking..picking BSN over ADN. Im asking because im trying to decide if I should get my BSN out of the way first...or try my luck with an ADN/ASN degree and get my BSN online later on.
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    I have my ADN and have applied to KU many times. They directly inquire if you are completing your BSN or not. I have no idea if this is a factor...I've never even gotten an interview there.
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    thank you for responding!!

    I had a feeling that they probably preferred ADN's that were getting their BSN or straight out BSN's.