KCKCC TEAS score and GPA to get in.

  1. What was everyone's TEAS score and GPA they had when they got accepted? I'm worried that my GPA will be too low even though they say you only need a 2.5. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   rubato
    I have a friend who was turned down with a 3.7. She was not a Wyandotte County resident, so that was held against her. The 2.5 is just what you need to be able to apply.
  4. by   Michaela, RN
    I know someone with a 3.5 overall, and 4.0 Nursing GPA, with a 78 TEAS that got in... Not sure which GPA KCKCC looks at. She was also a WY resident.
  5. by   2be23
    I would like to hear more about this too. Anyone else that can add to their acceptance experience? It would be helpful.