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JCCC RN 2013

  1. 0 My name is Annie and I recently got accepted to the JCCC RN Program starting in Fall 2013.

    Thought it'd be nice for us to all have a place to come and talk about all the stuff, share our experiences and get to know other nursing students before orientation etc. Also any tips from current students enrolled at JCCC would be greatly appreciated.
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    So happy I can say I'm a fall 2013 nursing student at JCCC! I look forward to meeting all of the other students this Friday! Who is your instructor for 1st semester?
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    Welcome. I am starting my 2nd year, and there was no one from my class on here. It will be a great source of info for you both.
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    I am really hoping to apply to JCCC's program. Do you mind sharing your ACT score? I am retaking the ACT this fall (Nursing as a 2nd career) and hoping to get a few pre-req's under my belt soon. I would love to have a resource on best instructors etc.