JCCC LPN-RN Transition

  1. i am currently in an lpn program and am applying to jccc's bridge program. can anyone tell me what the 3rd & 4th semester schedule is like?

    third semester classes are (1) children, (2) childbearing family, (3) sociology, and (4) micro. sociology and micro can obviously be taken online, but i'm curious what the schedule is for the other two classes. for example, is it two days of clinicals and two days of classroom time? is it monday-friday 8-5? can any jccc grads or students answer this question for me? i am also curious about 4th semester schedule because i don't need the electives, just complex pt care mgmt (9 hour class).

    the reason i ask is because i live about 70 miles away from campus. i'm weighing jccc against other schools that are closer but won't allow me to bridge straight through in the same year (extra classes, work exp requirements, etc). trying to decide if it will be better for me to commute further and get it out of the way, or just wait for another school.

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