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  1. 0 Hi. I'm impatiently waiting to hear if I have made it to the interview process for the fall semester. If I get in to the program (when I get in), I was just wondering how far we will be traveling for clinicals? For those of you in the program, where have you had your clinicals? My hubby and I are just very serious planners and we want to be prepared with scheduling drive time.

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    Clinicals are all over the metro area, some people go to the Northland LTAC, which is up north of the river near Parkville, some people go as far east as Crittenton (for mental health), so depending on where you live you could be driving close to an hour to get to your clinical site. You'll only have 2 clinical days a week though, usually Tuesday and Wednesday (a few people get the odd Thursday or Saturday clinical though!)

    Good luck!

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