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By LEE WHITE Long-suffering husband of a 2005 new grad RN During the past two years, my wife and I have researched new grad RN opportunities across these United States. She will be a new grad in May 2005. I'm just the poor... Read More

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    Lee you seem to have a gift for writing and I appreciate all the thought that went into your professionally written article. I hope you went to law school after all and sorry to hear about the diagnosis but at least we live in rapidly changing times. Not surprised that your heavy-caliber nurse ended up in one of the best areas for nursing right out of school. I think you've worked hard for everything you guys have and given that fact you are certainly entitled to all of it!

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    Thank you! Just today, when I was commenting on the job prospects, someone said, "That should be no problem. Everywhere needs nurses." I smiled, because that statement is so comical now. "Well, it's not nearly as easy as you would think," I replied. "Yes, everywhere does need nurses. However, we are not getting hired fast enough. No money to train and pay all of us." (Or so they say.)

    We just hosted the G 20 here in TO. The government wasted probably a billion dollars on the whole thing, including paying for damaged property. How many RN's could have been hired instead, do you think???
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    The myth of the nursing shortage needs to be shattered.
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    This is the problem though....there IS a real shortage of nurses, and it is going to increase exponentially over the next 5-10 years. The governments need to allocate proper funding and support to all of the health care centres globally, so that these organizations can hire and educate their staff. All of these organizations require nurses, but there is not enough funding provided to them.

    Just the other day, The Minister of Finance was reported to be asking unions (ie nurses and teachers) to accept a wage freeze for 2 years. They are already underpaying nurses!

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