Has anyone in KC area applied to work in Missouri?

  1. Has anyone from the Kansas side of KC applied to work in KC MO? I applied for a Missouri RN endorsement and was wondering how long it took for Missouri to send you your temporary or permanent license.

    Any help is/would be greatly appreciated...!

    Thanks, James
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  3. by   heathert_kc
    The process is pretty quick so long as you turn in all of the required stuff. They give out temperary licenses that are good for six months then when you get the state of kansas to give them your license verification, I think it costs like $25; you have to do that part by mail as kansas does not participate in the internet verification like some other state. I actually had some time so I actually drove to Jeff City, MO and turned my application, fee, and proof of background check. They gave me the temp license the same day in just a few minutes.