Fort Riley KS??

  1. Hello all, there is a big possibility we will be relocating to Ft Riley, KS, my husband is active duty military. I will have had approx 1 year 2 months in med surg acute care experience, anyone know if jobs are hard/easy to come by in this area? Does anyone work on or around Ft Riley? Any advice is appreciated!!
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  3. by   lizrnbsn
    Welcome to KS if you move! And thank you and your husband for your service for our country. I am not very familiar with Fort Riley but do know they have a VA hospital there. Go to and seek there. They are hard to come by but when you are in, you are in and if there is a possibility in which you guys get relocated again you are in the system. It is all internal so no paperwork all over again. My husband has been in for 29 years and my son is active duty AirForce. I wish you all the luck. Keep me posted
  4. by   tntrn
    I went to high school (in the 60's) and one of my classmates works at Mercy in Manhattan there. It's a growing area and except for the fact that it's the KSU Wildcats and not the KU Jayhawks, a great place to be!