Fort Riley/Junction City

  1. Looking to connect with nurses in the Fort Riley area. My husband is active duty military and we relocated here in June. After 3 months, I finally found a job, I couldn't believe the pay here. I have tried, without any luck, to get a job on post.
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  3. by   MissB08
    Hey, I recently moved to Riley too. My husband is military too. I am still looking for a job. Any input from you is greatly appreciated. And If you dont mind how bad is the pay??
  4. by   TBBRN2011
    I just started working at Geary in August. It took me almost four months to find a job. To be honest the pay here in JC is horrible.
  5. by   MissB08
    Do you like it over there at Geary? Why did it take so long? Maybe if I can tell what am doing wrong. I tried to private message you but it would not let me. Is it that the hospitals are small? Do you work with other army wife nurses?
  6. by   TBBRN2011
    It's not the best but it's a job. I work nights on med/surg. I have been trying to get a job on post but it's hard. I can't get pms bc I haven't posted enough. You can reach me at