Fort Riley/Junction City

  1. 0 Looking to connect with nurses in the Fort Riley area. My husband is active duty military and we relocated here in June. After 3 months, I finally found a job, I couldn't believe the pay here. I have tried, without any luck, to get a job on post.
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    Hey, I recently moved to Riley too. My husband is military too. I am still looking for a job. Any input from you is greatly appreciated. And If you dont mind how bad is the pay??
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    I just started working at Geary in August. It took me almost four months to find a job. To be honest the pay here in JC is horrible.
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    Do you like it over there at Geary? Why did it take so long? Maybe if I can tell what am doing wrong. I tried to private message you but it would not let me. Is it that the hospitals are small? Do you work with other army wife nurses?
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    It's not the best but it's a job. I work nights on med/surg. I have been trying to get a job on post but it's hard. I can't get pms bc I haven't posted enough. You can reach me at

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