Emporia State University Nursing faculty honored with state awards

  1. 0 Nursing faculty honored with state awards
    Emporia Gazette

    Two faculty members of Emporia State University's Newman Division of Nursing were honored recently during meetings of professional organizations in Wichita.

    Sarah Tidwell was presented the 2012 President's Award for Outstanding Service and Commitment to the Kansas State Nurses Association. Kari Hess was presented the 2012 Leader of Leaders during the Kansas Association of Nursing Students convention. Both Tidwell and Hess are assistant professors.

    The KANS meeting was held in conjunction with the meeting of KSNA, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary. The organizations held a joint meeting Oct. 11 in Wichita....

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    I had Kari Hess as an intsructor while in LPN school she was awesome, I think it was the next year she moved to ESU. Congrats Kari!

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