Differentials in Rural Hospitals

  1. Our nursing staff will be meeting with HR and the administrator next week to discuss wages. Nearby hospitals are paying $5-10/hr extra diff for night shift. We are getting 10% and our base pay seems to be lower also. Starting here is $18.50 and other nearby hospitals tend to start closer around $20/hr. I'd REALLY like to hear what it's like other places, especially in NE KS.
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  3. by   BluegrassRN
    I'm in NE Kansas, town of 100K. We get $2/hr differential on nights. Our base pay is maybe around 20ish/hr for a brand new grad.

    I'd love to get 10%!!
  4. by   nkochrn
    Our 10% diff. doesn't quite equal $2/hr for me after 5 years, but it's pretty close.
  5. by   amb_lyn
    I'm in NE KS. Our night shift diff is $8/hr for RN, $4/hr for LPN. I'm not sure about starting pay.. Probably around $20/hr. I've been at this hospital for 5 years, but recently changed departments due to obtaining my RN licensure.