Death Senerio

  1. 0 How would you handle the following senerio? You come onto your shift in a long term care facility and find a patient with no respirations, no apical pulse, no blood pressure. Pupils are fixed and dilated. The body is cold and modeling. The last time anyone checked the patient was three hours earlier. The patient is a full code. Do you begin CPR, or do you call the doctor (as an RN) and ask if he/she will accept your findings and pronounce death over the phone?
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    I realize the resident probably has been dead for too long according to info in this scenario but I would begin CPR while another nurse called 911 and the family-- since the pt was Full Code. If the pt was DNR it would be a different story.
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    Dear Annya2,

    Your employer should have a policy in place for this I would think. Sorry to hear about this happening to you. Did this just happen to you this week? Please tell me what you did...
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