CNA Agency Work???

  1. I was wondering since I'll be finishing up my CNA Program in 3 weeks, would it be possible for me to start off doing agency work and if so what kind of hourly wage am I looking at with agency work:spin:? Thanks guys!!!!
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  3. by   ExAirBagRN
    Most agencies require 1 year of experience before they will place you, fyi.
  4. by   akhtara
    As DawnfromKC said most agencies want at least one year work experience before they will hire you to do agency work. When I worked in Topeka Kansas 8 years ago I started fresh out of school making $10/hour. Check out your local hospitals and you can probably start off around $10-11/hr. After a year check out the agencies. They will probably pay you around $12-15/hr. Good luck!
  5. by   akhtara
    BTW that is Topeka wage. In KC it will most likely be a couple bucks more.