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CNA Agency Work???

  1. 0 I was wondering since I'll be finishing up my CNA Program in 3 weeks, would it be possible for me to start off doing agency work and if so what kind of hourly wage am I looking at with agency work:spin:? Thanks guys!!!!
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    Most agencies require 1 year of experience before they will place you, fyi.
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    As DawnfromKC said most agencies want at least one year work experience before they will hire you to do agency work. When I worked in Topeka Kansas 8 years ago I started fresh out of school making $10/hour. Check out your local hospitals and you can probably start off around $10-11/hr. After a year check out the agencies. They will probably pay you around $12-15/hr. Good luck!
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    BTW that is Topeka wage. In KC it will most likely be a couple bucks more.