Apply for a CNA position now?!?!?!? Apply for a CNA position now?!?!?!? | allnurses

Apply for a CNA position now?!?!?!?

  1. 0 Hey everyone, I've been going back and forth in my mind about this every since I've finished my CNA program. Would it be wise to start filling out aplications or wait until after I've passed my state exam, I don't know I just feel weird feeling out and application and not having the credentials to show (I absolutely hate leaving the CNA license # area blank )
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    I will wait, because they won't take your application seriously.
    You can also apply to hospitals taht donot need the state license
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    How long until you take the state exams? Why not apply now? In my experience, if you are applying to a larger facility, the HR department can be extremely slow. You might very well have completed your test before HR gets through with the application, interview, and orientation process.

    Nurses often get hired before they've taken their boards; why not CNAs? It won't hurt to ask, or to apply and then in the interview make them aware that you are testing on {insert specific date here}. Especially if it is only a week or two away. If you aren't going to be testing for over a month or more, I'd probably wait.