Anyone else waiting to hear back from Neosho County (ottawa)

  1. I was just curious if anyone else on these boards was waiting to hear back from Neosho county for the spring nursing program. This wait is excruciating , I applied back in january and took the teas at the end of march. They said to expect a letter by mid june. Just wanted to reach out to others that applied and are waiting too, it would be nice to talk to those who are playing the waiting game.
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  3. by   butterfly135
    Well, my wait is finally over. The letter came yesterday and I GOT ACCEPTED!!!! :redpinkhe
    Has anyone else recieved a letter?? It would be nice to talk other people who are going to be in the program before classes start in september. If anyone has attended NCCC and has some advice I am completely open to any advice out there. Thanks