2012 WSU BSN program questions

  1. Hi all, looking for some current info on Wichita State's nursing program. I could only find old threads about this. How competitive is it? How many applied vs got accepted ?Those that got accepted, what were the majority of your grades like on prereqs?What was your score(s) on the TEAS?How would you rate the program difficulty if you are in it?Any other advice is great. Just trying to get an idea of the typical student they accept. I'm doing prereqs at Butler in the meantime. Wondering if I should go for my ADN since I'm here and if WSU BSN program may be out of my reach. I struggle with academics in general and staying motivated to get these darn classes done with. But maybe that is just a lot of people. I want to be a nurse bad enough, just trying to decide which path to take. Thanks !
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