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Salary-med-surg director

  1. 0 I have currently been in a med-surg lead position for 4 years and feel I have not been treated fairly when it comes to wages I've been in a working in a critical access and Director of Medsurg, OB and Critical Care. I would appreciate some feedback on a fair wage. I've been employed with this organization for 18 years, as RN, charge, house supervisor and the past 4 years I've brought them through POC, CPOE, recieved Pathways Designation and difficult staffing issues where I was taking lots of call, working nights,weekends, needless to say I burn out there. Does anyone got any feedback or ball park of what my wage should be in our ia area? I am currently making $74,000.
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    Seems like a fair salary for Iowa. Any place else nurses make so much more!
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    Thanks! I really appreciate the feedback!