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RN to PS Programs

  1. 0 I will be graduating from an ASN program this week and will be taking my boards as soon as I can. I was wondering if there are any programs here in Iowa that offer a RN to PS bridge class (because I'm still interested on running with an ambulance service as well as working in a hospital...i'm already an EMT-B). I understand that there is an RN exemption that we can do as RN's but I want to be able to work off my PS license when I'm running the streets. Thanks!
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    Hello!! I too am an EMT-B graduating from Nursing school in 2 weeks. I am also wanting to go back for my ps. I know that there is a program in Des Moines at Mercy. I have spoken to Kirkwood about this issue and they are apparently working on something...who knows?? I think I will be starting my PS next spring at Kirkwood, as it is much cheaper to go through the 1.5 years then to go to Mercy in DM. I did not know that Iowa allowed the RN exemption...hmmm that is interesting and I will have to check that out!!