Quad City Nursing Students?

  1. 0 Anyone here attending nursing school in the Quad Cities?
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    I have been accepted at one CC in the QCA and am waiting to hear from the other. Either way I'll be starting somewhere in Jan 08:smilecoffeeIlovecof
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    I am starting at SCC in Jan 08 let me know if you will be a classmate!! I actually have my advising and registration today as well I am so nervous!!
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    I'll start St.Ambrose at end of this month as a transfer student!:wink2: I'm nervous & excited & could use any advice that anyone is willing to give me about what I should be prepared for, thanks!
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    This thread is a little old but I am starting the ADN program at Scott Community College in the fall of 10', right now I am taking pre-req's.

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