1. I'm finally starting at Kirkwood soon after the long, long waiting list. My question: Will I have a problem getting licensed out of state? Someone recently told me that I might have problems elswhere since Kirkwood isn't accredited by NLNAC (or whatever its called) but just accredited by the Iowa Board of Nursing. Is this true?!
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  3. by   Jen911
    I graduated from Kirkwood in 1999 (after a long, long waiting list, too!). I've held licenses in several other states and have never had any problem. Iowa is also a compact state, which is a tremendous help, especially for me, since I'm a traveller! Hope this helps.

  4. by   steve0518
    Thanks Jen! I'm relieved to hear:spin:
  5. by   island40
    This rummer happens all the time over Kirkwood. I used to teach there. They have the minimum certification by the State Board of Nursing that is required to run a school of nursing so that graduates can sit for the N-CLEx. They are not accredited by NLN which limites SCHOOLS that the AAS graduates can attend for their BSN. Sorry guys, Prinston is out as far as a transfer!