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Iowa LPN salary scale?

  1. 0 Anyone know what the payscale range is for experienced LPNs?
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    Quote from Roozeyk
    Anyone know what the payscale range is for experienced LPNs?
    i know that some 15.50,base pay and .10 cent a year for experience.then some places pay 16.00 to 17.50 hrly.but .10 cent for experience.lpns in iowa do not get the respect they deserve.rns get the big pay scale.where are you located in might want to pm,then we can talk and compare notes.i hope this helps.there seems to not be enough iowa nurses interested in this one answers back.
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    I live in the middle of Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Davenport and Muscatine. I work in Muscatine at a clinic (LPN) and make $14.55/hr.

    I made a lot more in LTC in Cedar Rapids.
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    Some LTC will pay very well...espically if you will work 3rd shift! However most hospitals around are no longer hiring many LPN's and if they do you do not get paid all that well!! Good Luck!

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