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How long to hear from IA BON?

  1. 0 I graduated in late Sept. I understand that my school sent in my completed paperwork right away but I have yet to hear from the BON so I can schedule my NCLEX-PN.
    For those of you who have graduated recently, how long did it take to get your authorization to take your test? I am really getting tired of going to the mailbox & being disappointed.
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    I graduated in May, sent in my packet around the middle of July and got my ATT 2-3 weeks later.
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    dang Dixie...that really does seem like a long time, even when I graduated in December I had my stuff my graduation in January. I hope you hear from them very soon. You are checking your email right? It won't come through the mail, if you put down an email address on your application.
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    I finally got my ATT but only after calling them twice. It appears that good old H College was a bit slow to send in our fee. As a matter of fact, at least one other student was told that her money still isn't there so she has to wait for her authorization. You'd think that for the amount we paid, a lousy $200 is peanuts to them but I guess not. Perhaps it has something to do with the name change. They probably had to wait to get new checks printed.

    I've scheduled my test for this coming Tuesday in Davenport
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    Oh how exciting! I wish you all the luck in the world!!!!!! Lol on the name change, that was pretty funny
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    good luck
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    Best of luck on your NCLEX, Midcom!!!!
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    I took the test today & it turned off after 85. I was a good student, studied for the test, & was pretty confident that I'd pass. I did well on my practice tests but I have to say that this test was harder than any of the practice tests I took. I can honestly say that there was not one easy, obvious question. They all required critical thinking skills, except most of the calculation questions. Got probably 20 of those nasty, "Choose all that apply" questions & I really hate them. I always miss one answer, so you miss the whole thing. Hopefully, they were the ones that don't count, the ones they are testing.

    My papers say it will be 2 business days until I know the results. I'll post it to the Iowa board.
    Keep your fingers crossed. Believe me, this has really humbled me.
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    you totally passed...may I offer an early congrats?!?!

    Can't wait to hear the official passed though!

    Very big accomplishment, good for you!
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    I PASSED!!!!!

    Thank you all for your encouragement.
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    I am so proud of you! YEA!

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    Congrats to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!