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Finding Jobs in Iowa

  1. 0 Have any of you who are nurses in Iowa had problems finding employment? RN is supposed to be a hot job to have right now in this area so I was wondering if you have had a problem finding employment.
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    I did not have a problem finding employment. It took about a month from when I applied to when I started working.
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    I just recently relocated to the Quad City area from Georgia and i have not been able to find what i really want (Home health nursing or Psych). Its a big suprise how its so tough to find something here as a RN. Im praying to find something soon or some kind of referral from this site as i don't know anything about Iowa.
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    It took me a while. I applied in May right out of school and didn't get a job until October. I knew I wanted a job with children, specifically NICU, and that definitely took longer because there's a lot of competition. Also, many of the hospitals in the area just got out of hiring freezes. I've been told it's easier if you have experience to find a job. Hope you find something soon!