Are there any Des Moines Flight Nurses here?

  1. 0 My goal is to eventually become a flight nurse in Des Moines. I am actually just getting started with the whole process. I will be starting the ADN program at DMACC next fall and I'm planning on taking the EMT-B course and Mercy in the spring. I am wanting to find out the requirements, in Des Moines specifically, for flight nurses. Should I have my RN and EMT-P? Also, I would love to get some advice on whether or not I should get EMT training now before I start the ADN program next fall and work as an EMT while in school or would it be more beneficial to work as a CNA? I'm just not sure what direction to go. I've been to the flight nursing page and unfortunately I haven't seen and Flight nurses from Des Moines. Any replies will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.
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    Check out the Mercy One ride along program. It's for EMT's and nurses but you might be able to give them a call to talk about your questions.[/URL]

    Also, check out

    Hope this helps.

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