Any IA lpn to rn online through excelsior? Any IA lpn to rn online through excelsior? - pg.3 | allnurses

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Any IA lpn to rn online through excelsior? - page 3

Hi just curious how many from iowa have completed the lpn to rn program through excelsior online? I want to continue my education and become a rn but I have to work full time and with my family this... Read More

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    Where do you find IV courses?
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    This is the Indiana board...why is this thread in here?
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    Thread moved to the Iowa Nursing Programs forum.
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    Clearly I am SEVERAL years late on this reply but I just came across this and was wondering if you did in fact get your RN through Excelsior? I also live in the QC area and I don't believe I could work in Il.? Is that correct?
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    Good morning, I ended going through a community college to finish the program. And yes IL does not accept the course.