Workplace Intimidation Among Nurses

  1. As an experienced healthcare provider, the problem of workplace intimidation among nurses has proved to be a contributing factor to the shortage of nurses. New nurses are not supported in their early stages , older nurses are bullied by inexperienced nurses , doctors intimidate nurses to the point of patients not receiving care because the nurse is afraid to call the doctor :angryfire , nurse managers select favorites and rely on misinformation to manage nurses , higher management supports nurse managers who are detrimental to nurse morale :angryfire , employee relations sides with management in conflicts when bedside nurses are wronged :angryfire . In an effort to identify the problem nationwide, please contribute stories of intimidation. My particular hospital seems to support the idea that any nurse who criticizes and belittles other nurses must be a leader even if the other nurse is especially compassionate and skilled in patient care and frequently receives praise/gifts/letters for exceptional job performance. :angel2:
    If you have a particular situation to report, please e-mail me at and I will make an effort to seek advice from my experienced resources in workplace trauma and bullying.
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