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What is my next step?

  1. 0 Good Afternoon All - I hope you might be able to help me. I currently hold a BA in Environmental Science and have been in the field for 11+ years. My husband is active duty Army and during this duty station assignment (GA) I have come to a realization that I desperately need a career change. After a lot of research I began my pre-requisites for a nursing program in Kansas since this is where we will be stationed next (this summer 2012).

    With this all said I am completely lost as to what medical job I should be looking for in KS/MO area. I can get my CNA here in GA and have it transferred to KS/MO but where will I be able to work? Does either of these states allow you to work in a hospital? What jobs are available in hospitals since ultimately that is where I am looking to work as a RN?

    We will be there for a short time and I will be finishing up my pre-requisites for the nursing program at our next duty assignment. I truly appreciate any advice and guidance.
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    It is always easier to get a CNA job in a long term care facility than in a hospital, so I would not get my hopes up about getting a hospital job right away. Whatever you do, concentrate on your schoolwork because the better you do in school, the better chance you will have getting accepted to a nursing program. You can always work as a CNA here or there, but you usually have one chance to get those A's in prerequisite courses. Good luck.
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    Thank you ma'am for the advice. I just finished up taking Anatomy & Physiology and Human Development last semester and received A's in both classes. This semester is Microbiology and Physiology. I already have a 4 year degree in Environmental Science so I didn't have a lot of per-reqs to take care of. Here's hoping for another semester with A's.
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    A's can only help the cause!
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    Many hospitals employ NAC's (that's what they are called in my state) I would try to get on at a hospital and try to find an experienced nurse who would be willing to mentor you, as you work toward becoming an RN. A nursing home just wouldn't give you what you need in terms of learning the role of a nurse. Working nights would give you more time to question, and perhaps follow a nurse occasionally to see what they do. I worked in a small rural (30 bed) hospital and was able to observe a wide variety of situations, work with patients of all ages, and I even got to float to OB and ER while working as an aide during nursing school. It was a GREAT learning experience. The most important thing is to find a good mentor! (not ALL nurses eat their young!