1. 0 Hi, my name is Julie, I am new to this site and am excited to talk to other nurses. I love being a nurse and am looking to work in a physician office setting. Urogynecology nursing jobs are challenging to obtain. I have been in this field of nursing for 18 years. Prior to that I worked as a staff nurse in a local hospital and found that hospital nursing was not for me. I enjoy the one on one relatioships you build with patients in the office setting and miss it very much. I am currently searching for a continued career in my field of urogynecological nursing. Urogynecology nursing deals with the help and treatment for female pelvic floor disorders, such as prolapse, urinary incontinence, pessaries, urodynamic testing and I also performed potassium sensitivity testing to diagnose interstitial cystitis. Hope to connect with other nurses. Thank you.
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    interesting niche! welcome!

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