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  1. Hello everyone!

    I am a long time follower of Allnurses and I finally decided it would be time to create a profile. Although I am a nurse in the UK; a lot of the topics discussed here are relatable to nursing in the UK and there isn't really any other nurses forum as active as this one is. Notably though your qualifications are different to ours. I graduated in January of this year with a BSc in Adult Nursing which I assumed would be similar to a BSN in America.

    I have been working on a Head Injury unit since I graduated and was a healthcare assistant whilst I waited for my NMC pin number to arrive. It actually only arrived 2 weeks ago and as yet I am not allowed to do medications until I do a trust course in April.

    Anyway nice to be here and hope to learn some things here and share some experiences so that it might benefit other nurses or student nurses!
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    Welcome, we do have a UK forum in the world section which can be found under the nurses tab.