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  1. Well I have been lurking for a while and I already started posting in other places before I came upon the introduction threads. So I figured I'd say hi and give a little narrative.

    My name is Shawn, and I'm one of the many that are going through a career change. Had a colorful past that includes a completely random history. Degree in Computer Information Systems, and a BA in Criminal Justice. I started as an Armed Guard, carrying way too much money for WAY too little pay. However, it was interesting to watch the flow of money between banks and businesses. Pulled my gun 2 times too many for the amount of money I was making, so I hung up the gun belt. Decided to follow in my fathers footsteps and started firefighting, which I did part time for a good long while (still would if it wasn't for this nursing school stuff haha).
    From there I went through the typical CJ graduate route and went through corrections. It was a short stent where I saw both the cruelty behind peoples actions, as well as the soft, luxury justice system that we have in place. Next came the police recruit process here in Cincinnati. Got accepted into the next recruit class, only to have them say the budget tanked and the next class wasn't happening and I'd have to repeat the entire process. Got engaged. Started going the federal route and applied for the Secret Service, got 80% and a couple interviews in and had to pull my name out of the process. My fiance opened up a successful business which wasn't going to allow us to move as I would have to in the SS.
    Then came the first "career" which ended up being just a hold over. Put in exactly 13 months with Fifth Third Bank in the Corporate Safety and Security department. As the economy tanked, so too did my "career" with Fifth Third. I guess being the low man on the totem pole in a 4 position job, I was expendable. Paid me too much money to do absolutely nothing really, so I guess it's understandable. This is where I was laid off for 1 month exactly before finding my calling!

    My fiance's mother is a manager of 3 units here at the hospital and told me about some jobs that were available. I applied, interviewed, and figured it would hold me over until I found "a real job". Needless to say, I started here in the Operating Room as a unit coordinator and fell in love with the environment. Nothing else compares to the hospital environment, and nothing suprised me more then how much I actually enjoyed coming to work. Two months in to the job and I already applied and got accepted into nursing school.

    Here we are a few years down the road heading into role transition, and although I'm still a Unit Coordinator in the OR, it has provided the time and resources I have needed to pay the bills, study, and learn a ton just by watching.I never have to search too long to find a nurse when I have a question about "what would you do in this situation". Some of the nurses running these halls can explain topics to me much more in depth than my instructors, and it has afforded me the opportunity to really understand topics that I otherwise would "just scrape by" in.

    Guess the intro wouldn't be complete without a slight glimpse into my proposed future. The future plans are to get into ICU nursing to set me up to either be a flight nurse or CRNA. I'm hoping to make an excellent example of myself in role transition on the telemetry floor, and hopefully get hired on there before moving into ICU. I want some true bedside experience, on my own, before I dive head first into the ICU arena. Get the nerves out, figure out how to manage time, learn the ropes of nursing, etc... But as I've told my wife (yes tied the knot during nursing school) if I find a place that I truly love before I make it to a flight nurse or CRNA then I'll stay there and enjoy it. God love nursing and the flexibility it provides. Jobs available, the ability to move units to stave boredom, the ability to always learn something new, the ability to meet/interact with different people every day, the opportunity to know at the end of the day you possibly helped change the outcome of your pt. life. For an active person like me, it just seems like a natural fit.

    To those that made it through my saga/novel/biography. I applaud you for being patient, and I appreciate your time . I look forward to learning from you all, and spending some time within this little community.
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    Hi! You've been through alot but glad that you finally know what you want to do now! healthcare in general has many job opportunities available which is one of the reasons why I love and reccomend it!

    Good luck on our dreams!
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    Thank you, I appreciate it. Definitely been through alot, but how else can one say they REALLY know what they want to do, without first finding alot of things that they really DON'T want to do hahaha.. All of the people offering student loans absolutely love me though, been in school long enough with enough student loans to finance a few houses, a couple nice vacations, and surely a few nice cars.. All part of the game I suppose.

    Flexibility is what sold me on it though. Always a new area to try your hand at to keep the job "new and exciting". I just have to stay focused and get to that point Getting senioritis and slightly antsy to wrap this thing up