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    Hi everyone, I'm an RN currently working on a med-surg unit. Recently I have been considering a job offer as a Home Telehealth RN. I don't know much about Telehealth nursing and what's involved. Don't want to make the move and end up hating it. Any info would be much appreciated. BTW, I'm thinking about this because of the opportunity of working Monday to Friday, no wknds & holidays...I have little kids and lack of time with them is beginning to show. The job offer will be at the VA Hosp...if that changes anything:-)

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    Rom323, Needless to say, only you can answer this question, however, I must say that "Telehealth Nursing" requires a very resourceful individual, with a good preceptor and the correct facility manual regarding this position I have no doubt that you could pull it off. Having said that, you had me at NO WEEKENDS, NO HOLIDAYS!!!!.... wishing you the best in all of your future endeavors with your nursing... Aloha~
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    Try looking at the Telephonic Nursing forum under "Specialties". You can get a lot of info there from nurses working in the field. Good luck!
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    Hi Rom323, I'm curious to know whether you took the position at the VA hospital in Telehealth nursing and if so, how has it been? Is it really Mon-Fri, no weekends or holidays? What is it that you dislike the most about the position and what you love the most. Also, do you think this would be a position okay for a RN with no experience (old-new-grad)? Thanks a lot!

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