TB skin testing

  1. It has been approximately 31 hours since my second TB skin was has been administered.(My last TB skin test was administered over two weeks ago) I am presenting with raised reddened area approximately 20 millimeters in diameter. Now, I believe the first test was not done correctly because it never made a wheel and it went more into my muscle. It never had any type of reaction. Now could this first TB skin test(done incorrectly in muscle) cause a false positive in my second skin test? When can I take another skin test to show a negative or how long should I wait for a third skin test? Also, with my second skin test I did have my MMR on same day please account this in for the second question of when should I take the TB skin test the third time. Also, both skin test where performed in exact location on arm. Does anyone know anything bout this kind of stuff?
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  2. Poll: Would mytb skin test (no wheel )cause a positive skin test for second tb 2weeks later

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