Specialty Dilemma- Experience vs. Pay

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    After months of using this incredible website, I have finally become a member... I need all of your infinite wisdom with a problem I am facing. When I was in LPN school, I started work at my local community hospital as a PCT, transitioning into a role as an LPN, and now as a new grad RN. I worked in our critical care unit as an LPN doing primary care, and since graduating RN school moved back onto the Med/surg floor. My nurse manager, who was very helpful and accomodating while i was in school, placed me on WEO, which pays more than any other shift. I applied to a hospital about an hr away, and got called for an interview for an ICU position on days. The hospital that I interviewed at is a level 2 trauma center, and we ship 90 percent of our neuro cases there. The only thing causing me hesitation is the pay difference between WEO that I have now and rotating weekends i will have there. The cost of living in the new town is significantly higher as well... I want to work critical care more than anything, but is the experience more valuable than the 8k i will lose in income... I am content on the Med/Surg floor i am at, it is familiar to me, and I have an excellent rapport with the physicians, coworkers, and patients. I just dont want to wake up one day kicking myself for not taking an oppotunity that would help me grow as a nurse because of money. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
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    Welcome, tachycouture! Glad you decided to join us! If you aren't getting many responses you could try posting in Nursing Career Advice or one of the specialty forums listed here. Best wishes to you!