Is this site suitable for an English nurse?

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    I am very new to this site. After having a quick look, i realise that lots of threads are American. Is those a suitable site for English nurses?

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    WHy wouldn't it be? There's several British and European andAustralian nurses Asia Welcome.
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    Thankyou. Just wondered. As i said I'm m very new! Lol
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    We have a United Kingdom nursing forum:

    Nursing in the United Kingdom
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    Welcome from another Brit

    As mentioned there is the UK forum but we also see UK and other nationalities posting in lots of other forums including the an Break room site which is the same log in as this one
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    It is primarily American (and I sometimes have to google to find out what some abbreviations mean!), but I am from Australia and have found my way around! If you look up the top of the screen there is a "world" button where you can post in your country and find posts about your country.
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    glad to have you on board!---from a Texan (another word for American (tsk))
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    Welcome to AN! The largest online nursing community!

    We have plenty of international nurses on AN that post everywhere......I have to Google some things as well but when I see "brilliant" or "Theater" I know it's someone from England. You would be surprised how many things we all have in common.
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    I'm Canadian and love this site!We may from different countries but a lot of the problems we face are universal.I find the differences also interesting.
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    Welcome to the site. I am from Southern California. I love talking with nurses from all over the world. That is part of the fun. In the breakroom of this site I speak with people from America, Australia and South Africa. It is interesting to learn about different cultures and hear different words such as tea instead of dinner from my Australian friend. Hope to see you around here on allnurses.
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