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Hello All! I am a 47 year old wife and mother of four. I have always had a strong desire to be a nurse but have let life and responsibilities take the place of my dreams. I have decided to change all of that. I have applied... Read More

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    first of all, GOOD LUCK! and second of all, i feel that many of the new grad not-so-younger nurses pay attn to more detail and actually surprise themselves on what they do know and remember.

    also, i think that doing it at this age, after all else in your life is settled will be awesomely gratifiying! if you ever need help, a shoulder to lean on, a brain to pick, always feel free to pm me!

    good luck in everything!!!

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    Good Luck....Aloha~
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    It's great to see all these posts from people my age (and some older). I'm 48 and have been thinking about nursing off and on for maybe five years. I'm just now starting to get really serious about it. I don't know, yet, if nursing is 100% right for me...but I know I can't stay in the corporate world much longer. I don't doubt that I can handle the academic side of things (it won't be easy, but I can do it), but I do sometimes wonder about those 12 hour shifts! It's more the amount of time standing on my feet that worries me (just a little).

    Anyway. I'm currently trying to get admitted to a local community college so I can take the class in Spring '13 to become a CNA. I guess, if nothing else, that will tell me how much I will like it (or not).

    I would especially like to hear from men my age who are making this change in their life...or who have done it recently.

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