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  1. 0 I have been checking allnurse threads for years now and finally got it together to join as a member and participate in postings. I think my family and friends are getting sick of my job rants (or lack there of). I am a 26 year old single mom who graduated from an ADN program in Spring of 2010. I went immediately into a RN-BSN post-licensure program because I knew the area I lived in was saturated and getting a BSN would give me an edge. I have been working at a skilled nursing facility/post-acute rehab for the last 7 months. I have ACLS and ECG/Arrythmia courses under my belt. My preceptorship was in ICU. I'm trying to decide what hospital and what specialty to choose for my Capstone experience/preceptorship in Spring 2012. I will likely complete close to 500 hours. I'm asking for any feedback as to which bay area, CA, hospitals are more likely to hire RN's that precept/orient there. I have heard that hospitals that area financially stable (UCSF, Oakland Children's, John Muir, CHW St. Mary's), but even that isn't a give in. Also, part of me thinks I should choose a specialty, to give me that niche, but another part of me feels like I have a better chance of being hired into MedSurg or telemetry and I should choose something basic to better my odds of being hired. Plus, skilled nursing facilities are kind of like med surg on crack (ie: 30 patients, no technical surveillance, etc.)

    Also, I am open to moving and Austin, TX, Oregon, and Washington interest me. Has anyone heard anything promising in these states?

    Thanks, guys!!!
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