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Hello! My name is Andy. I am a recently registered nurse, and I'm excited to begin my career. I'm a guy, and 'man' it's been easy. The amount of respect and encouragement I have received through my clinical rotations,... Read More

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    Welcome! I am new also to this site, Im also a new RN with one year experience on a cardiac telemetry floor, I recently got an ICU position at my local community hospital to gain more experience, however, I am really really itching to travel as well, I feel myself pulled to the West Coast.... I want two years in, but Im ready to leave soon .....Good luck to you!
    I'm on the west coast, it's beautiful here pay is awesome I. Northern Cali I think maybe the highest in nation? Jobs are hard to come by without exp. but if your looking to travel this is the place to be. Good luck