Question about a license.

  1. I am very confused about what is the difference between a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA), Patient Care Tech (PCT), Patient Care Assistant (PCA), Unit Tech (UT), etc. Are they all different names for the same license or do they have different license for each? Please help. What do you call them in your facility.

    Thanks Mike
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  3. by   Jolie
    None of these positions requires a license.

    A CNA is a "Certified" Nursing Assistant, which means that the individual has met requirements set forth by the state board of nursing for certification, not licensure. This may sound like nit-picking, and maybe it is , but certification is a much simpler hoop to jump thru than licensure. If you look up CNA on your state board of nursing website, you will find a definition of the title, including the requirements for education, testing, and how to obtain and maintain a certificate. Only individuals who are certified by the BON may use this title. No matter the practice setting: nursing home, home care, hospital or medical office, all CNAs have met the same basic qualifications to practice.

    PCT or Patient Care Technician and UT or Unit Tech have no standard meaning defined by the BON. They are job titles created by employers and generally refer to individuals who assist with nursing care under the supervision of an RN or LPN. Since they are not standardized by the BON, requirements and job duties differ from one employer to another.
  4. by   Mikerinhouston
    Thanks that help a lot. I will check out BON to see what they have to say. Again thanks for answering my questions.