OMG I got in...what to expect next?! OMG I got in...what to expect next?! | allnurses

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OMG I got in...what to expect next?!

  1. 0 Hello everyone!! I am still so excited from finding out I got in to the BSN program I wanted!! I can't believe it I could hardly sleep last night!! My mind is racing with all the next steps I will have to take ( options, whether or not I'm going to work while in school, etc.). The reality of it is finally sinking in that I will be starting a new endeavor in the fall!! I know it will all fall into the place the next few months but right now I am freaking out!!

    Any advice for a nervous soon to be nursing student?? Thanks!!
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    There are a couple of places worth looking at and posting in, one would be your state nursing program discussion forum under the tab US above or alternatively there is the student section

    Congratulations in getting into school and best of luck on your journey
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    welcome to the site & congrats on getting into the bsn program as i wish you the very best always....aloha~

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    Hello I applyed to the Baptist Scholars for Barry and I wanted to know if anyone else has applied, or has recieved a date for the interview?