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  1. Hello Everyone,
    I am an RN of twenty-two years living in Ohio. I have read and explored this site over a period of time now but just joined tonight. Multiple issues I am trying to find answers to so expect a few posts. Thanks in advance for any help!
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Welcome to the site! We look forward to hearing from you.
  4. by   Tweety
    Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself. I look forward to your posts.
  5. by   Rep
    Hello and welcome to allnurses!
  6. by   yumaRN1990
    I am an old nurse,too, and fairly new to this site. I think that you will enjoy it, I have so far.
  7. by   traumaRUs
    Welcome....we love old nurses, new nurses, all nurses.
  8. by   Donkeynurse
    Hi, I am an old nurse-new member also, I just joined a few minutes ago! I am an older nurse than you are!! I remember when we all wore white dresses, white stockings, white shoes, and nursing caps. I remember when we timed IVs with our watches and sterilized our needles, etc., etc. In the words of an old ad: "We've come a long way, baby!"