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Nursing Informatics

  1. 0 Hi. I live in Sydney Australia and am interested in Nursing Informatics. Have implemented a clinical Information system into the Operating Theatres and am interested in learning of other similar systems around the world.
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    I worked Nursing Informatics for about 3 years
    I helped implement VS/I & O/ Nursing Assessment/Order Control/Results Reporitng through a company called Compucare.
    It was alot fun and I do miss it to a degree but returned to patient care in the ICU.
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    It is interesting how nurses branch out into other field but often return to the clinical area. I love Informatics but miss the patient contact so did a diploma in Cardiac echocardiography which is fascinating and combines patient care with computers and cardiac physics and anatomy.
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    I am currently trying to get my BS in Nursing to be able to get certified in NI
    I may very well end up going back to the field as well.
    I did enjoy it alot but in my area there aren't alot of jobs available unless you
    are certified .
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    What exactly is Nursing Informatics? i don't think I have ever heard of that.
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    Cameron--Nursing Informatics is an area that nurses can pursue which combines Information Technology and the clinical aspects of nursing. In Australia the degree that I completed is a Masters of Health Administraion and Information Technology. I implemented a clinical information system into the Operating Theatres/Room where doctors and nurses enter in "real time" all aspects of the surgical procedure. This system was linked to the Admissions office and recovery and anaesthetics modules. The degree encompassed units in databases, project management,research methods, electronic records etc and allowed students to major in different areas eg management, networking, databases,etc.
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    Marty--is "NI" nursing informatics? As you mentioned jobs are also limited here in Australia in that area.
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    Quote from Elizabeth Maher
    Marty--is "NI" nursing informatics? As you mentioned jobs are also limited here in Australia in that area.
    Yes it is , from what I see most of the jobs here are on the east coast
    or titled under a different heading, but all require you have a Bachelors at
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    Hello. I know this is an old post but I am wondering if you are still in the nursing informatics field in Australia?